I Want an Empty Cup!

I stumbled upon this quote recently and while I’ve heard it many times, it struck me so strongly.  I thought about the irony of how I used to feel so empty.  That emptiness caused me to feel useless, lost, hopeless…  hollow.  I thought I could fill it with things, with people, with activities, with work, with anything that kept me from letting it get empty and that if I let it get there, I’d break.  

The irony?  Today, I long for empty.  Today, that word means simplicity and calm.  I want my calendar empty of anything other than spending time with friends and family and adventures.  I want my home empty (of stuff, lots of stuff).  I want to unfill my world of all the things, activities, work (other than grocery money:).  I’m not afraid of empty anymore, I try to find it!!  Can I hear a hallelujah?!  

This quote helps me to see this kind of emptiness is of such usefulness to my Father.  He cannot fill me with HIS plan, His love, His goodness, what He needs and desires for me to do with this life He gave me, if I am ‘full’ all the time.  He wants me to empty my world of all the noise and chaos so He can have a ‘come to Jesus’ time with me, don’t you love that?!  God having ‘Come to Jesus’ time with us!!  I can’t do that with Him, I can’t hear Him, I can do what He needs me to do, if my world and heart are full of all the things of this world.  I want to be that empty cup, the bright, shiny, colorful one waiting to be filled with love, goodness, grace, plans for the future, not mine but His, and all things joyful!!  

You know, there’s another quote that says something like “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and in one sense, you could see that as contradictory, but I don’t.  I’ll save that for the next post!!  

Love to you all and may you find ways to empty yourself so you can be filled with grace, love, joy, and all the amazing plans our Father has in store for YOU!!




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