My list was…

Eat more donuts!!!  There you have it, folks, easy peasy!   Oh, wow, if only that were true!!

Seriously, now (kind of).  Since May 20, 2020, I am still down 9.6 pounds.  The scales have lingered around that number for a few days which is frustrating!  I equate my weight loss to bags of sugar so that’s almost two bags gone meaning that second bag contains .4 of a pound ~ just enough to be annoying!

When I struggle, I can always identify why though, can’t you?   I didn’t take a healthy walk yesterday, although I chased a 14 month old for a few hours, does that count?  My eating was mediocre ~ let me rephrase that.  It sucked.  And the icing on the cake was eating supper at 10:30 p.m. because I was working and wanted to finish my project. That supper consisted of a few salty crackers with a little cream cheese.  OMG.  

Can you say water weight?  I’m going with that and thanking God I stopped at five crackers.

So I KNOW the problem, now what do I do about it?   
I start new today.

Get ready for this rocket science!  Not.  Health experts would probably balk at this but doggone it, I believe everyone has to do what works for them and this was it for me.  It’s simple and I like simple.  Diets didn’t work for me because I was not cut out to change my entire eating habits all at one time.  I inevitably could not stick to it.  One day I thought, what if I make a list of my top things that I know I’m consuming that are bad for me and focus on one.  I’d get rid of that one thing for a week and once I had, I’
d move on to the next thing on the list, and so on.  I knew I could focus on one thing better than 47!  Plus it didn’t mean emptying my fridge and restocking with all new stuff AGAIN only to throw it away when I gave up.  I was defeating myself over and over and over.   JUST ONE THING.

The very first week, I chose … SWEET TEA.  Did I hear you southerners gasp??  I did!  But I knew it was my number one weakness.  I would drive through McDonald’s every single day to get one of those large $1 teas, at least once, I got tea everywhere I went, and I made tea at home.  I simply loved it but I knew the sugar was horrible for me.  So I stopped and you know what, it worked!  I did not drink sweet tea for probably seven or eight years!!  I finally did break down a few years ago and have a glass and yes, it almost sucked me back in.  Today, I may order a glass at a restaurant that I know has really good tea, but even today, it puckers my lips so I am stopping it again.  

Week two was french fries which I always ordered with the sweet tea at Mickey D’s and anywhere I went out to eat.  I simply loved them as much as tea.  Poof, by the end of week two, they were gone.  So then I was rid of TWO bad things!!  What a feeling!! 

Third was bread which turned out to be the hardest and it took me a couple of weeks to stop eating it.  I didn’t give up though and when I rid myself of it, I began to really start to feel and see the change in my body.  Then I moved on to ‘other white things’ like pastas, any form of potatoes, and then cookies….  deep sigh.  We won’t go there but they disappeared too,
Now you see the plan, really simple, not overwhelming, and with each one thing, you feel you’ve accomplished something!  That was what I needed!  And pretty soon into the plan, I started adding in a little more fruit and veggies, replacing bad with good, and the evolution started to take place.

So what next?  Make that list!  Or just pick one thing and start.  Maybe you start with the hardest thing first like me or maybe you choose something easier to remove.  IT HAS TO BE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!  

Let me know your thoughts and if you’re going to try this.  If so, what is your first thing?
Remember, you’re in my prayers!!  Message me or comment anytime.  And be sure to subscribe to follow along with me on this crazy journey called life!

Just a Crazy Girl  

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  • Jeannie Connolly

    Good morning, you are so inspiring. I look forward to your post because your daily jouneys encompass laughter, worry and thankfulness. You are genuine and it shows. Thank you for just being a girl with everyday emotions 🌹

    • Tracey

      Good morning Jeannie,

      Thank you so much for your note and I apologize for the delay in responding. My site got attacked with 100s of spam comments and I found yours in the middle of them. BUT that said, your words mean so much to me and I’m glad you are here!!


  • Beverly Wynn

    Tracey, I did this last year. No sweet tea, no bread, nothing white except cauliflower. Thirteen months later and I’m down 50+ pounds and now I’m feeling better and starting walking. Let’s get that party started. Thanks

    • Tracey

      Hey lady, I am so sorry for just seeing your comment! My site got attacked with 100s of spam comments and I found yours in the midst of going through to delete those. 50+ pounds, wow!! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world!! Vacation got me off track a little but I’m getting the party started again, lol. Go girl!!

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