Take a Deep Breath.

This week has brought even more adjustments to the stay at home orders in most areas and with them a new wave of emotion.  You know, when this first started, there was a little fear of the unknown, sure, but we were all trying to make happy out of havoc, posting funny memes, finding cute things to do outside, all the good stuff we could find, thinking we could do anything for a short while.  It was like climbing the hill to the top of a huge roller coaster, heart racing, knowing the ride would be over fast, or kind of fast.  I believe some of us even went through a state of “Okay, this is all right, I can get all this stuff done, this won’t be so bad being at home so much” kind of honeymoon phase.  Me personally, I’ve done more in and outside my house than I’ve done in years and yes, it has felt good.

Another stage I experienced at about week three or four was quiet, out and out quiet about it all, not knowing what to think or feel.  It was even like the memes slowed down, friends who were visible daily online were showing up less often, it felt like we were all kind of holding on in the silence.  

And now, as the weeks have worn on and the changes continue to extend things, it’s a new feeling bubbling at the surface.  Today, I feel like we’re right at the top of that roller coaster hill and looking down.  Our stomachs are turning and we see water at the bottom of the hill (strange, I know, just bear with me).  We can’t get off the ride, our hearts are racing, the ride is inevitably going down that hill, and we’re going into that water whether we like it or not.  We do know that the coaster will come out the other side and go back up again (Right???  It has to, right???) but we’ve got to get through the rough ‘water’ to get to the other side.  

All I can say is guys, it’s time to take a big deep breath of faith (and say a giant prayer!), go on down that hill, dive in, and let this thing run it’s course.  Our prayer should perhaps be that it doesn’t run off the rails in the process.  And soon, hopefully soon, we will be able to come back up, take a big gulp of clean pure air, inhale hope and gratitude, jump for joy as we exit the coaster, and know we survived and are so thankful for all we learned on the ride!  We may never ride coasters again but if we do, we’ll be a little more prepared and know if we survived it once, we know we can do it again!  

Just a Crazy Girl  

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