Be Like Peanut Butter.

Peanut butter was just not meant to be spread too thin. . .  neither are you!

When there’s not enough of you, you are short-changing everyone including yourself.

When you can’t say no,

when you need to feel needed even at the price of exhaustion,

when you don’t want to disappoint anyone…

you wind up disappointing everyone. 

Even the things you say yes to only get parts of you.  But more important than anything, those who love you feel cheated because you don’t have the time and energy and big full heart you should have. They get bits and pieces of the person they love. I know this firsthand because for many years, my kids got the bits and pieces of me because I could not learn to say no.  Just one more client, just one more job, just one more, just one more, just one more.

I’ll never forget a moment that changed me.  I was running a very busy and time-consuming scrapbooking business all while working a full-time job.  My belief was I was making scrapbooks for my kids in the process so that made it okay, right?  But I was also gone all the time helping others do the same taking them on retreats, having events in my town, yada, yada.   One day, my then 8 year old daughter looked at me and said, “Mama, when you die, we’re going to bury you with your scrapbooks!” intending it as a sweet gesture.  Bewildered, I asked why, and she said, “Because they mean so much to you.  Don’t you want to take them with you?”  Here, I had convinced myself I was doing something for them when she saw it as only for me. , .  talk about a revelation.

You know, even YOU don’t get all of you when spread too thin.  Your brain, heart, and soul are so tired, you’re aging yourself faster than lightning.  You’re not fully present with yourself let alone others.  You simply cannot fill your mind with a good book or a gorgeous sunset, quiet moments, you don’t hear the laughter of others.  You miss so many tiny magics in the day because you’re not present.  Oh, you may be in the room but you’re usually too distracted and tired to see, feel, and experience those things.

In the words of my man, Dr. Phil, “just stop it.”  Figure out what you need to do to survive and do those things, of course.  But what you do after that is a choice and no one has the right to take your time unless you hand it to them.  Make sure the things you choose make you so happy and whole, not so sad and empty. If someone asks you to do something and you have to pause and think about it, therein often lies your answer!

Your time is SO valuable that it’s priceless.

YOU are so valuable to those who love you that you are priceless.

You have the right to say no in order to protect not only your time but your heart, soul, body, mind, and relationships…

all those things that will be with you when you take your last breath.

So be like peanut butter. NEVER let anything or anyone spread you so thin so that you’re no longer who or what God made you to be. 

I mean God made peanut butter to be gloriously enjoyed,

wouldn’t He make you at least the same way?  🙂



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