Letting Go: Fear of Time

I don’t know about you but with each trip around the sun, I learn more and more about things that don’t matter, things I can’t control, and how to face the fears that have been holding me back.  Probably at the top of my ‘fear list’ has been time. 

We can’t control it so why in the world do we fret over it so much? 

So many times I’ve thought there is not enough life left to do all the things I want to do, see all the places, save enough money, write all the books, the list goes on.  I’ve had days that it would cause me to almost panic.  I’ve had nights I’ve laid in bed thinking things like why bother, there will never be enough time anyway, or time is going so fast, I’m going to be old tomorrow, or just let that dream go, you will be just fine without it. 

But y’all. . . I’m preaching to the choir when I say . . .

wouldn’t it be better to have 10 years of PURE JOY, adventure, laughter, and happiness left
than to celebrate a silver or golden anniversary with tears behind that smile and a suitcase full of regrets?

Wouldn’t it be better to dream of all the things you long to do or see or experience
than to spend your last years not dreaming at all?

Fear of time won’t change it.

If we are to fear anything, it should be of wasting what time we have and not making it count! 

When I leave this earth, I want someone to say that girl didn’t have an ounce of life left in her,
she spent it all, lived it all, shared it all, and
It was her time, truly her time!

So if nothing else with the time we have left, let’s be dreamers! 

Let’s be time-lovers, the time we have right now, this day, this moment. 

Let’s be adventure-seekers, whether we find them all or not, the seeking is the fun part! 

And let’s ride the sands in the hourglass in which we live.  They’re going to flow anyway like sand through our fingers . . . I think I might build a sandcastle with mine, sprinkle in a little glitter while I’m at it, so no one forgets I was here.  


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  • Deb

    I love your posts! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was that girl about to celebrate a silver anniversary with a fake smile, tears, and suitcase overflowing with regrets. Then I finally came to realize I couldn’t waste anymore of my life. I was worth so much more than what I was receiving in return.It’s nice to know there’s someone else who understands. Keep posting and sharing. It works!

    • Tracey

      Deb, thank you so much for sharing that with me. You are one of the many women I think of when I write and I cried reading your words. It means a lot to me that you are here and please comment anytime!! Prayers for you going forward… you deserve the best of you and for you!!

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