Revving the Engine.

Does anyone else feel like we’re kind of sitting at a really long red light?  Our hands are gripping the steering wheel, we’ve got one foot on the brake and it’s getting tired, the other foot is on the gas pedal revving it a little (or a lot!) and we’re waiting… waiting for the light to turn green.  Some days I feel like the light is broken and I want to look both ways and take a chance!  Don’t you?!

When that light turned red though, something happened.  It forced most of us to stop like we’re supposed to do while some are still running the red light like they always do.  As those of us waiting have been sitting still, our tanks have run low…. our tank of money, patience, endurance, joy.  It’s almost below E quite frankly and we’re kind of waiting for the engine to turn off.  But while we’ve been at the light, we’ve changed, we’ve learned new appreciation for our jobs, for paychecks that will now feel more stretchable, for worshiping together in our sanctuarys, for hugs… when this is over, I’m going to be the best doggone hugger ever!  And the best tipper, best door holder, and I may even send Charmin a thank you note or perhaps the smarter thing would be to buy stock!

The bottom line is something is happening to all of us and while some of it’s painful, difficult, and stressful, when you really think about it, even those are leading to something beautiful.  Right now it kind of feels like labor pains and hurts like hell but everyone keeps saying push, push, it’ll be worth it, but when you’re the one going through it,  IT…. DOESN’T…. FEEL…. LIKE…. IT.   But then, it is.  It’s all worth it, it simply is. 

Gain comes after the pain.
Healing comes after the hurt.
Appreciation comes after a loss.
Recognizing what real love is comes after going through what real love isn’t.
The beach sand feels different after not being allowed to touch it for a while.
Hugs take on new meaning when you can’t have them.
Freedom to come and go as we please…. wow, who knew how special that was..
Being waited on at a restaurant will now feel so luxurious!  
And yes, I joke about it, but toilet paper will never look the same again.

You get my drift.  

All the good stuff comes after something that had to get us there; otherwise, we’d be standing in the good stuff like we were weeks ago and never even realize we are there.  

For me, other than income, I don’t know that I want all that ‘good stuff’ back.  While I’ve been sitting at the light with fumes in my tank, I’ve found some new good stuff I kind of like.  In fact, I’m thinking about pulling on over and when the light turns green, I’ll walk the rest of the way home.  I’ll listen to the birds more, watch the sun peek through the leaves, smell all the flowers we’ve been planting, feel my heart pump (as I get short of breath from the exercise, lol).  And I may drop off some of the ‘old good stuff’ at the thrift store while I’m on the way home.

What things will you drop off at the thrift store when all this is over?

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