This Little Light of Mine.

I don’t know about you but I have this little voice inside of me…. wait.  Let me start over.  I actually have lots of little voices inside of me!  But I think we all have one that tries to hold us back from doing things or that says “don’t say that, it’ll make somebody mad” or “don’t rock the boat.”  It keep us from being authentic because it analyzes our every thought and word and whether it should or should not be shared…. it’s like being a prisoner!

I think there’s also a voice. or the same one on a different day, that reminds us we’re selfish if we try to do something for ourselves, that tells us to give and give, not that there’s anything wrong with giving, but it tells us to keep on giving at a cost to ourselves, that we’ll get it back later.  

You know those signs they hold up at golf tournaments that say “Quiet Please?”  Well, I think we all need one.  We need to turn around to the peanut gallery in our mind and hold up that sign!   At the tournaments, it means to be quiet because a golfer is swinging.  For us, it will mean, “Be quiet, this girl is thinking, she’s sharing, she’s talking, SHE’S BEING HERSELF, so HUSH.”

It’s time to stop the chatter, rock the boat, shine and not whine. 

It’s time to make ourselves a priority, do things WE love, be crazy, do selfish things like learn how to paint if we want to.  I just signed up for an art class and I can’t draw a lick but it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing so I am!

It’s time to stop justifying, explaining, and apologizing, and start saying and living and breathing what we want and not what we think we should.

It’s time to say what we feel, not what we think others want to hear.  

It’s time to play, be curious, and live like there’s no tomorrow.  

It’s time to stop being afraid. 

It’s time to believe in something and not be afraid to say so even if we stand alone.  In all likelihood though, we will not be alone… if anything, I believe by shining our own light, we will remove the bushel basket for others and their light will shine too.

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

~Marianne Williamson 

We have nothing to prove to anyone but the one in the mirror and the Maker who made us… the one who created us to live our best life.

The world deserves YOU and ME to be YOU and ME.  

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